Commercial Salt Walls

Enhance your business and provide health benefits to your customers and employees


Wellness Centers, Hotels, Resorts Salt Walls

As an industry leader, Sun Valley Salt walls create an inspiring environment that will reduce stress and improve employee production. The Himalayan salt emits negative ions that counterbalance the harmful electromagnetic waves emitted from all electronic devices. The salt panels create elegant work station dividers and beautiful art in a reception and conference areas.

Himalayan Salt Saunas

Sun Valley Salt walls installed in commercial saunas are guaranteed to enhance any sauna. The pink Himalayan salt was formed over 250 million years ago and contains all the trace minerals essential to life. Combined with heat, the beautifully lit walls create a sanctuary of healing. Salt walls can be integrated into any new or existing sauna project.

Office and Retail Salt Walls

Want to give your coffee shop or retail space that extra allure? Sun Valley Salt’s Himalayan salt walls can be placed virtually anywhere and will immediately transform a space into an exquisite venue. Sun Valley Salt walls can be customized to fit any new or existing retail area. Remote controlled LED lights allows you to determine the color to match your unique space. Changing the color it is as simple as pushing a button.